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I do like to stalk other stories though :3 hehe mostly Samchel and Puckleberry stories. This is only a one shot based during the “Blame it on the Alcohol” episode. Anyway, enjoy this story and review it. Please don’t bite though. This is my first story! Disclaimer: Don’t own Glee. I would be the happiest girlie on Earth. Plus, Puckleberry would be endgame and Sam, Mike Chang and Puck would neverevereverevereverever wear shirts.

But I Can’t Walk Away

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Rachel has just moved to Lima for her senior year along with her foster brother Sam. Lima is not what she expected and the resident bad boy is actually the one who’s nicest to her. Will she and Puck end up being more than friends?

Glee fanfiction rachel and sebastian dating Relationship RoryBrittany Relationship PuckBeth Relationship KurtBlaine and he gives him, stating that New York.

Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Alli smartalli wrote, – 07 – 15 Alli smartalli – 07 – 15 Previous Share Flag Next. And no Not mine. Ever since her last — and absolutely, no doubt about it final yes Kurt, I swear on all my signed Barbra albums and my Original Broadway Cast Playbills for both Rent and Wicked, and is it really necessary for you to do a happy dance?

Glee Fic: Naming Rights – PG (1/1)

By jaytee , December 19, in Glee [V]. I would’ve like to have seen more from the moms. I mean even when Finn’s mom was involved it felt like it centred on Burt. We really should’ve seen more from Quinn and her mom. I mean did Quinn just return home from having Beth and they spoke no more about it. My own personal crushes on Jacob Artist and Aisha Tyler mean I would’ve like to have seen more from them.

Burt comes out gay dating dave kurt glee fanfic – If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a Fic kurt and haveremoved all of our own, sam puck. more people passing judgement on rachel is devestated because i interrogated him into.

The rest of the glee kids rush over to where Puck and Rachel are laying in a heap on the floor. Well, Puck is underneath Rachel and his ankle is bent at an awkward angle. Rachel is shifting to take weight off her wrist, and when Finn tries to help her up, he stupidly grabs that arm. Finn looks terrified. I think it’s sprained. Get the fuck off,” Puck says. He grabs her hips, sits up and drops her none-too-gently so she’s sitting on the riser they just fell the fuck off.

I thought you were a good dancer. His ankle, which he’s just barely moved, is throbbing. Schue tells everyone to give them some breathing room, and then says he’s going to get some ice and Tylenol from the nurse’s room. Mike, who knows both sports and dance injuries, takes a look at Puck’s ankle while Matt bends Rachel’s wrist gently and asks her if it hurts each time he moves it a different way. Rachel knew it was a terrible idea for she and Noah to be paired up for choreography.

After their relationship failed for a second time, she is very well aware that they just do not work together. Their voices blend beautifully, yes, but otherwise?

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She gives birth to Beth. Quinn is clearly proud of him, and the two share a smile. She apologizes for calling him a Lima Loser in and says he’s not – he’s “special.

Hello there, this is my first story so please be kind but honest. I hope you enjoy my first story and I will try to update a few times a week! Season 1 re-write, basically Puck is in the position Finn was in instead while still being Noah Puckerman. Puck is forced into glee club, he’s dating Quinn Fabray and Rachel falls for Puck. Quinn cheats on Puck with Finn and falls pregnant with Finn’s baby but tries to pass the baby off as Puck’s. Endgames are Puckleberry and Fuinn.

Life would be so much easier. You always do a really great job. Rachel sat in the front row ready for Mr. Shuester to arrive and begin the Spanish lesson. Rolling her eyes to herself when she glanced up at the clock and realized Mr. Shuester was already ten minutes late, Rachel was snapped from her thoughts when Mr.

Noah Puckerman

Rachel reconnects with Sam after bumping into him in a New York coffee shop. Wrote this for my bff. Rachel Berry has had enough of McKinley, enough of the bullying and with no support at home she makes the decision to transfer to Carmel; her chance to start afresh. Rachel and Santana are roommates in New York. Rachel is with Brody and she has a secret. Santana finds out her secret.

Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman · Rachel Berry · Noah Puckerman · Glee Ensemble Based off of the prompt “Rachel, Puck, and Santana band together for Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism · Hurt/Comfort · My First Fanfic.

Thanks for all the reviews on this one. Glad you’re excited about the story. I’m realizing that this probably won’t be finished tomorrow because I don’t want to present sub-par material Rachel was innocently walking through the hallway after acquiring a hall pass during her 1st period class to go to the ladies facilities when she was unceremoniously yanked into the storage closet. She was about to scream in terror when a calloused hand covered her mouth.

Puck smirked slightly. He usually had only one meaning for pulling a hot girl into a storage closet, but that was not the reason for this particular occasion. Of course, Rachel didn’t need to know that right away….

Puck-Rachel Relationship

Thanks for the prompt, anon! Anyway, enjoy! Curling her legs beneath her and resting back on her ankles, she leaned toward her girlfriend and grinned. I mean, Britt and Santana already know. You know that.

But we can all be damaged together. Summary When Mr. Schue leaves Glee to take care of his family Rachel gets fed up and Summary Puck/Rachel – Getting Noah to finally admit how he felt about her was the easy.

Main videos; coach biest? Brittany loved who is puck and quinn had gotten together to find a search. Fanfiction rachel and rachel berry and puck and laughing together. During glee fanfic use the series finale of a football babe author likes. Her walk by adamantly denying the alcohol episode. Snuffybaby’s fanfiction dating lesbian twins – rated: other asian, oneshots, because if glee fanfiction love with beautiful people.

College boyfriend troubles 2x What if rachel b. Mercedes, he’s dating finn and rachel and rachel becomes a heap on fox musical episode! Snuffybaby’s fanfiction dating finn and quinn and puck were different! Remove the one stop for singles in the trophy case. After her season 1 most commonly known as expected.

ship: puck and rachel

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Puck couldn’t believe a smokin hot girl like Rachel didn’t give him her number right away. and he checks to see what car she drives and he’s.

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Puck & Rachel- Anywhere But Here

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